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Organic fabriq

Gentlemen of Amsterdam is dedicated to sustainability, using only organic fabrics. Our casual line features responsibly sourced, chemical-free materials with minimal environmental impact. Each fabric is chosen for quality, comfort, and eco-friendliness. By prioritizing organic cotton and sustainable materials, we support the planet and production communities, reflecting our mission to create fashion that cares for people and the environment.

Fair Production

Gentlemen of Amsterdam prioritizes ethical practices, ensuring all our products are made under honest work conditions. Our casual line is produced in safe environments where workers are treated with dignity and paid fair wages. We partner with factories upholding the highest labor standards, rejecting exploitation. By focusing on fair labor, we create stylish clothing while supporting workers' well-being and empowerment, blending fashion with integrity and social responsibility.

  recycled materials

Gentlemen of Amsterdam is committed to environmental sustainability, using recycled materials and reducing plastic use in stores and distribution. Our casual line features fabrics made from recycled fibers, giving new life to waste materials. We use eco-friendly packaging and promote reusable solutions to minimize plastic. By doing so, we reduce our ecological footprint while offering stylish, high-quality clothing, reflecting our mission to respect and preserve our planet for future generations.

Gentlemen stores

We are busy with building our first own shop.
2024 it will be available online only!
2025 we welcome you in our shop in Bussum The netherlands


United we are strong, so united we are!

defend and protect

Our goal is to set up The Gentlemen of Amterdam Foundation to extend our company's mission of helping and protecting children worldwide.